Love at First Sight

Spain Love at First Sight
A Shy Lonely Young Man (Shane Zaza) arrives in a new country, in a
strange new town. His world is suddenly lit up when he spots his beautiful
neighbour (Francesca Binefa) on the balcony opposite his new room. He
tries desperately to be noticed yet she remains stubbornly oblivious to his
SLYM is not giving up though and he has one more idea to catch
her attention and win her heart...


Morocco - Spain MoMo
MoMo thinks he can fly and that he can save his dying Grandma.
Inspired by the migrating birds that fly past his slum home he too decides to try his fortune overseas.

Climate Crunch (AKA Do Nothing)

UK Climate Crunch (AKA Do Nothing)
Short film - A unique project filmed over 25 years with the same two actors
A parody on our unchanging attitude and inaction facing climate change.

It shows how our attitude to climate change has not changed over the years. It shows that as the evidence of manʼs expanding population confronts us, we simply turn a blind eye.
The film asks at what point do we do something?

Starring the incredible Tony Cairns and comedian John Thomson.

False Teeth

India - UK False Teeth
Three petty villains bonded by constant fighting and failure are succumbing to their fate as life's natural born losers when suddenly a wondrous opportunity lands in their lap.
They are two hours and two inches for becoming multi millionaires - but can they act together and decisively, to pull off the big one?
“Getting dead lucky ainʼt easy.”